We are on a journey to create the best possible sustainable practices.
One of our core values is to tread lightly on our planet.
Our products are made from vegan leather, meaning they are not created from animal hide.  In this way, our range is cruelty free and does not contribute to the purposeful clearing of land, known as deforestation.
Vegan leather is made from PU or polyeurathane, a synthetic material that looks and feels like the real thing. We use a high-grade PU that meets the required international standards, while also manufacturing in limited runs. By carefully managing our stock, we avoid excess and wastage.
Our main goal is to use entirely recycled and sustainable materials.
Our aim is to:
- Use recycled PU and/or water-based PU materials.
- Be 100% AZO dye free.
Our products are designed in Australia and created in the province of Guangzhou in China by our partner who has been making premium handbags for over 25 years. Our standards are high, and our suppliers have been selected based on this criteria.
We only work with suppliers who meet social, quality and environmental compliance standards. They hold current validation of the below global standard certifications.
A Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) audit is the process of assessing an organisation's social compliance in the global supply chain. It aims to evaluate the processes and working conditions of the organisation if it adheres to the principles of the BSCI code of conduct.
Environmental Management System Certificate
Environmental management systems are regulated by ISO 14001, meaning an ISO 14001 certification will prove your company's environmental management policies and procedures comply with international standards.